January 2, 2011

Ok, this is the third iteration of IFS, actually the first blog resurected and wiped clean. I’ve been making steady progress with my IFS and finally have enough of a grasp of things to start blogging about it and I’m hoping to have the Release Candidate for the first DVD available by March 15, 2011. Take a look around the site and please leave comments as things develop, I’m looking forward to everyone’s input and support. Most importantly, get a few old computers together and build your own Internet From Scratch!



Canonical on Board

March 18, 2009

I’ve recently gotten word from the Canonical legal department that internetFromScratch will be allowed to redistribute content from the website. The most accurate descriptor for such a development is ‘Totally KICK-ASS”. Hopefully other FOSS teams will follow suit and allow us to pilfer redistribute their documentation.

The following is the Canonical Legal Department’s response to my e-mail (including the text from my message).

Dear David,

Thank you for contacting us.

I’ve started a project I’m calling ‘internetFromScratch’. Basically, I asked myself, “What software would be required to rebuild the Internet from the ground up if a person or organization chose to do so.” I’m recommending Ubuntu 8.04 (server and client) and would like to include as much documentation as possible. The final product will be released in this manner:

1. A torrent including FOSS software (webmail interfaces, search engines, wiki backends, etc.) and documentation
2. A link to the Ubuntu 8.04 Server torrent
3. A link to the Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop torrent

While I’ll be referring to Ubuntu by name, I do not wish to use any trademarked imagery or logos.

My main reason for contacting you is that I’d like to include some documentation that I have copied from the website but won’t do so without Canonical’s express permission. I’ve attached a copy of the content I’d like to include for your review. If I may not redistribute this content or if any changes need to be made (removal of the circle of friends logo, etc.) please let me know.

This is a completely free, open and non-commercial project that I started so we’d have something to do at our LUG meetings.

I’ll thank you in advance for your time –

In terms of our trademark policy we have no issues with you having links to Ubuntu and using the information off as you have requested, as long as there is no indication that you are officially part of the Ubuntu project in any way.

Best of luck with your project.

Kind regards,


Michelle Surtees-Myers

Canonical UK Ltd